Hands to Work…Hearts to God

Time sure does fly!  It seems like yesterday we were attending the National Conference in Atlanta and then I was getting ready for the One Day Conference that was held last September.  Right now, I wish time could slow down a little bit as I am still making preparations for our upcoming Annual Conference that is to be held at Epworth by the Sea, St. Simons Island, GA, August 18-21, 2016.  This will be my very FIRST Annual Conference that I have had to plan myself!  To say it has been daunting at times would be an understatement.  I have had my eyes opened real wide as to ALL that has to be done in order to pull off an Annual Conference…speakers, entertainment, banquet, meals, and the list goes on!  I have a new found appreciation for all the wonderful Vice Presidents who have had to do this in the past!
Our Conference theme this year is the same as my title…HANDS TO WORK….HEARTS TO GOD.    I feel this exemplifies what each of us are called to do in our daily work with the United Methodist Church.  I’m sure sometimes we wish we had more hands to do that same work!  When deciding on the theme for our conference, I wanted to focus on what we do “during the 9 to 5” and what we do “beyond the 9 to 5” and I think this theme “title” projects that well!
On Friday, August 19, the “Hands to Work” (during the 9 to 5) will be the focus.  The two speakers for that day will be:  Anne Packard, Director & Curator of the Moore Methodist Museum, and Jonathan Smith, Director of the Wesley Foundation at Georgia Southern University.   Anne will be speaking to us on how to preserve church records and Jonathan will be speaking to us about Google apps.  On Saturday, August 20, the “Hearts to God” (beyond the 9 to 5) will be our focus.  The speakers for that day will be Rev. Steve Patton, Senior Pastor of Wesley UMC at Frederica, and Joyce Ashley, Amanda Hayes, & Tammy Arant also known as Team Radiate.  Steve will be speaking to us about maintaining our spiritual and physical health and Team Radiate will speak and sing to us about how to “radiate” with God’s love.
Other plans for the conference are our Vital Link Worship & Communion Service on Thursday night that will be led by Rev. Marcia Cochran, Pastor at St. Simons UMC, and to top off the whole conference will be our Banquet and Installation Service on Saturday night that will be led by Rev. Wayne Racz, Executive Vice President of Spiritual Formation & Church Relations here at Epworth by the Sea.  More conference information and details are included in the attached brochure as well as the Registration Form.
If you’ve never been to one of our Annual Conferences, why not start this year?  The registration fee this year is $75 and if you room with someone or a group of ladies, you cut the cost of your room charge some (all meals are included with your room).  If you are concerned about the cost, we have Scholarships available to cover the registration fee.  There are a few requirements to be able to receive a scholarship, so contact Josie Hickom at rocangc@bellsouth.net for questions and scholarship forms.  The deadline for conference registration and for room reservations at Epworth by the Sea is August 1, 2016 so you do not want to delay in getting those two things done!
Epworth by the Sea is such a beautiful location and with the beach, shopping, dining, and a whole lot of “forever friends” waiting to see you again or to meet you for the first time, why wait?  Make your plans today to join us!  I hope to see each of you in August!
Charlene Carr
Vice President

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