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“The Spirit of the LORD will come powerfully upon you, and you will prophesy with them; and you will be changed into a different person.”  I Samuel 10: 6 NIV

It doesn’t seem possible that we are in February already…Valentines Day, Lent, St. Patrick’s Day, and Easter are all right around the corner.  One minute you’re preparing for Christmas and the next you’re wondering what happened to the holidays?!

More importantly, where are you going?  Are you rolling along your merry way without a thought of those around you?  Are you on life’s super highway with things going by so fast you don’t notice the little things?  Are you so involved in your life that you don’t see the hurting, helpless, or homeless?

What change would you have to make in your life in order to see the world in a new way?  Is it personal quiet time with God?  Is it going to Sunday school?  Joining a Bible study?  Attending church regularly?  Being truly present for conversations?

Some changes are necessary and needed.  They allow us to grow and invite in new ideas and ways to do things.  GA-PAUMCS has had some of those changes!  We have a new name from the 2017 National Conference so we include all administrative personnel and not only secretaries. We have new officers from the 2019 GA Conference ~ LouAnn McLain, President; Megan Daugherty, Vice President; Kathy Cawthon, Recording Secretary; Annette Harmon, Treasurer; Denise Wilson, Finance Chair; Jackie Powers, Membership Chair; Cathy Ivey, Nominations Chair; Denise Louis, PTS Chair; Angela Ivey, By-Laws Chair; Karen Whitehead, Newsletter Editor; Doris Wyatt, Sunshine Chair.

And we have new opportunities coming up to grow and learn together – the 2020 Annual Conference, Kansas City, Missouri, April 16-18 and 2020 GA Conference at St. Simmons Island, August 26-29.

But the one thing that should not change is our love for others.  Even when we are hurt or angry, we should never loose sight of that love. Just as Christ never lost sight of His love for us as He was beaten and humiliated.  Just as Christ never lost sight of His love for us as He carried a cross that would be His place of death.  He went willing to save us from sin.  And through it all He taught us the way to live…loving others, helping others, putting aside our differences in order to be a family.

So where ever you currently are…sit back, take a deep breath and look at the world around you. You may be surprised at the changes that are taking place!

With HIS Grace,

LouAnn McLain

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