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Renee FarrarWhen I was named Georgia Secretary of the Year for 2013-2014 at our Annual Conference in Albany my first thought was, “I can’t believe they just called my name!” I was in the company of so many great church secretaries across Georgia, many who have helped me in my own work with ideas, encouragement and friendship. PAUMCS is a great opportunity to network with other people who know the challenges and joys of my job at the church. I encourage anyone who works in an administrative position at a Methodist Church to get involved and see the benefits of being a member.                                                                                                 Renee Farrar,
Executive Assistant,
Conyers First UMC

Natha Harris      Why should our churches’ administrative assistants and secretaries attend the Georgia PAUMCS Annual Conference?  After attending about three conferences I was asking myself that same question.                                                                                  All of the conferences are designed specifically with administrative assistants and secretaries in mind.  We are given the opportunity to share and obtain information that is beneficial to us as individuals and church employees.  All of this is wonderful, however the experience offers much more.                                                    During  our last conference, held at Gainesville First last September, I received a spiritual breakthrough.  It was the first time I really opened myself up to RECEIVE all of the love and care from my fellow sisters in Christ.  As church administrative assistants and secretaries, we are called upon to give of ourselves daily.  Seldom do persons ask “how are you” or “what can I do for you”?  Getting together annually with other church secretaries and administrative assistants allow us to receive love and support from one another.  And when we open ourselves up to receive that love, it is so much easier to give it as well.    Attending our annual conferences gives us an opportunity to put names and faces together, share work experiences, offer helpful ideas and tips, hear great speakers who encourage us on the journey and have meaningful devotions and worship services.                                                 So, why should we attend the Georgia PAUMCS Annual Conference?  We attend to experience the reality of spiritual and vocational growth —  to learn, to fellowship, to worship and so much more.  I am looking forward to seeing all of you in September in Albany.                                                                                              Natha Harris
Administrative Assistant
Hoosier Memorial UMC

“I have been a member of GA PAUMCS for the past 18 years.  I have found the GA PAUMCS organization to be a great tool for networking.  Getting others ideas and feedback has been very helpful to me and has helped me on many different levels in the church office.  I highly recommend it!”
Jackie Powers,
Executive Assistant,
Gainesville First UMC

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